Meal Plans

To purchase a meal plan, stop by Earhart's Dining Hall, room 103 or contact Embry-Riddle Dining Services at (928)-777-6904. You can also go to the Housing Application under the Housing Tab on the ERNIE website; CLICK HERE

Meal transfers allow those on the all access plan to be able to dine at WOW CafeScholars Cafe, Rocket Deli and Salads, Eagle's Café, Amelia's and Turbo. The 7 day all access plan has 14 transfers per week. 

The all access plan is assigned only to the person on the ID card. If you wanted to purchase a meal for a friend you may use the dining dollars associated with which ever plan you have.

We have designed a to go program in Earhart's for those on the run. You are limited to one to go box per day. Please ask the cashier when you enter and you will receive your to go box. You may not sit in the dining hall and eat and then bring food out.

All unused meal and dining dollars expire at the end of the semester. Please make sure you know where your balance is so you utilize the full amount of your meal plan.

Upgrading your meal plan can be done at any time during the semester. Please note that downgrading or cancelling your meal plan must be done 10 days after the first day of classes for the current semester. Mandatory meal plans cannot be cancelled (All Access Meal Plan). If you would like to upgrade your meal plan or make a change to the plan you have already selected, you can stop by the Dining Hall, room 103 or contact Embry-Riddle Dining Services at (928)-777-6904. 

ID Card

You will need to go to the Eagle Card office to have your card replaced.


There are 10 places you can use your plan at: Earhart’s Dining Hall (swipes or dining dollars), WOW Café (Transfers, block swipes, or dining dollars), Scholars Café (Transfers, block swipes, or dining dollars), Simply To Go (Dining dollars), Eagles Cafe at the flight line (Transfers, block swipes, or dining dollars), the Rocket Deli and Salads (Transfers, block swipes, or dining dollars), Amelia's Take Out (Transfers, block swipes, or dining dollars), Turbo, Aero and Astro Food Carts (Transfers, block swipes, or dining dollars).

Special Diets

Speak with a manager or the Executive Chef to best find what your options are. We are willing to work one on one with any individual who has specific dining needs. We will help you navigate through the different stations to find what you can have as well as prepare specific items you may need to accommodate you.


We love to have your feedback. Please feel free to talk with any of our managers at any time. You can also fill out a comment card in any of our dining facilities, send an online comment through our dining website, or through our Bite app. We would also love to have you join our Dining Committee and share your ideas there.